Track 1: Organics Automata [オルガニクスオートマタ]

Before you read and listen to this track, be sure to read the Booklet Story first!

Note: This is Phase 1 of the translation release. We will begin shortly to add Romaji and the original Japanese lyrics, as well as credits for each song. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave a response below on the post – we would love to hear from you. Thank you!

Track 1: Organics Automata [ オルガニクスオートマタ ]

Asaki: Could the environment machine be ineffective here? This is a terribly humid temperature.

Yuu: Uwah, is this the so-called sweating phenomenon?! Ew, it’s sticky and gross.

Yuu: Wait. What is this–

Asaki: Stop! Don’t get any closer.

Robotic Voice: Now copying the analysis results. Please wait.

Yuu: It spoke our language!

Asaki: This is completely different from the government’s information. No, even the company that developed it wouldn’t understand this specification.

Robotic Voice: Analysis of you, A, is complete. 64% water, 18% protein, 16% fat, 5% fat. You, B, have roughly equivalent analysis results. Your peculiarity is a higher ammonia content.

Asaki: Are you holding in your pee?

Yuu: Kyaaaaa!!!

Robotic Voice: Composition and form copy completed. Nice to meet you, friends. Let’s communicate with language.

Yuu: I can’t believe it. To think the machine particles for environmental improvement would become multicellular and gain communication functions.

Asaki: There’s only one conceivable possibility. In the process of self-replication, it took a form more suited to its mission, and then–

Yuu: In other words… It evolved, didn’t it?!

[computer sounds]

Robotic Voice: All for the sake of this planet, Organics Automata will restore its beauty.

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