Track 3: Come! To Punica-chan’s Study! [おいでませ! ピューニカちゃんの書斎へ!]

Before you read and listen to this track, be sure to read the Booklet Story first!

Note: This is Phase 1 of the translation release. We will begin shortly to add Romaji and the original Japanese lyrics, as well as credits for each song. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave a response below on the post – we would love to hear from you. Thank you!

Track 3: Come! To Punica-chan’s Study! [おいでませ! ピューニカちゃんの書斎へ! ]

Punica: O-ho-ho-ho! Ahem! Welcome to my study, Asaki Yumemi, Yuu Yumemi.

Asaki: Pleased to meet you! Environmental Management Organization Chief Press Secretary, erm… Miss Motoki.

Punica: No, noo, isn’t that too formal? Call me Puni~ca without reserve, okay☆?

Yuu: This is pretty different from the propaganda…

Asaki: Yuu, this is probably a secretary or someone similar.

Punica: You’re mistaken. I’m the Chief Press Secretary for the United Nations WRS Environment Management Organization, Motoki Punica Granatum! Ah but you’re surprised, aren’t you? I’m really, really, young and super cute and moe☆

Yuu: So your aim is “Gap Moe”? You wanted us to see a different impression?

Asaki: As one would expect of the Press Secretary. Carefully managing people’s impressions of her, eh?

Yuu: But “super cute and moe☆”? That’s really very…

Asaki: Her real age is about two generations above ours. To preserve that very young appearance, she’s no doubt had to work hard to get her hands on the results of a lot of hard work.

Yuu: This is the real–

Both: Loli-old lady transformation–

Punica: Monster?
(TL: Bakemono = “Thing that transforms”, or a “Monster”, which Punica assumed they were calling her)

Asaki: N-no, not at all, there’s no way that–

Yuu: I haven’t finished my sentence yet– OW! Don’t pinch my butt..!

[background: computer noises]

Punica: Speaking of “things that transform,” you met one too, didn’t you?

Asaki: Eh?

Punica: Don’t dodge the question! You entered the forest and you met it, didn’t you? Organics Automata.

Yuu: [sighs]

Punica: People who completed the curriculum entered a forest under the jurisdiction of the Environment Management Organization. What were you able to learn, after all? Or could it be… You’d like a repentance room more than a classroom?

Asaki: No, not in the least!

Yuu: I don’t think that was Organics Automata.

Punica: Oh?

Yuu: According to your announcement, it should be infinitesimal, of indeterminate form, and unable to communicate its intentions.

Asaki: Th-the one we met was a girl!

Punica: Hmph! Well, whatever. At any rate, from now on, you’re forbidden from ever entering that territory again. Are we clear?

Yuu: We’re mere cleaners on duty and had no choice but to enter, having been asked by Miss Haworthia.

Punica: What did you say..?

Yuu: If you have a problem with that, feel free to take it up directly with Miss Haworthia. Let’s go, sister. It’s time to get back to cleaning.

Asaki: Wait a second, Yuu!

[door operates]

Asaki: Um… Please excuse us. We will have to write a letter of apology later!

[footsteps, then door operates]

Punica: Oh good grief. [crashing sounds] It’s damn hot. The temperature must be getting 1.5 degrees hotter. Isn’t the air conditioning mechanism doing its work? [computer sounds] It’s me. Drop the temperature in the study and headquarters by two degrees. And, that old lady… she was still sneaking around behind the scenes! That damn human sacrifice to the survival emigration project. I’ll send you to hell as soon as I can! I’m the only one who will save the people from the evil that threatens to destroy us all! AHAHAHAHAA!

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