Track 5: Name of the twin sisters. The value of the song. [対を成す姉妹の名。その対価としての歌]

Before you read and listen to this track, be sure to read the Booklet Story first!

Note: This is Phase 1 of the translation release. We will begin shortly to add Romaji and the original Japanese lyrics, as well as credits for each song. If you have a translation recommendation, please leave a comment below on the post, we would love to hear from you. Thank you!

Track 5: Name of the twin sisters. The value of the song. [ 対を成す姉妹の名。その対価としての歌]

Organics Automata S: “28,203 hours and 52 minutes. Good morning, Asaki and Yuu. Let me introduce a friend.”

Organics Automata K:“Pleased to meet you. It is I, the one who is your elder sister and mother.”

Yuu: “Ehh, so that makes you… Who?”

Asaki: “The two of them… They’re like twins.”

Yuu: “So that means…”

Both: “Who are you??”

Organics Automata S: “All for the sake of this planet, Organics Automata will restore its beauty—“

Yuu: “Enough with that automated response!”

Organics Automata S: “Asaki and Yuu, you are sisters who act as opposites. So I gave birth to a being who would act as my opposite.”

Asaki: “A feat like instant cuisine!”

Yuu: “Ugh, sis, is it alright if we give them names for convenience sake?”

Organics Automata K:“Please give me an incredibly cool name!”

Yuu: “Huh?! Suddenly very friendly…”

Organics Automata S: “Then name us… Names that suit us.”

Organics Automata K: “In return we will give you a song, just as this planet’s Creator too granted a song.”

Asaki and Yuu: “A-a song?”

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