Track 9: Thus Spake Haworthia [ハオルシア、かく語りき]

Before you read and listen to this track, be sure to read the Booklet Story first!

Note: This is Phase 1 of the translation release. We will begin shortly to add Romaji and the original Japanese lyrics, as well as credits for each song. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave a response below on the post – we would love to hear from you. Thank you!

Track 9: Thus Spake Haworthia [ハオルシア、かく語りき]

Shipboard Loudspeaker: “300 seconds to warp sequence start. Everyone, this is our last look at our Homeworld.”

Haworthia: “I’ve begun to feel that a life of being bathed in sunshine, feeling the blowing wind, enjoying pleasant chats, and accepting old age is not beautiful after all.”

Haworthia: “But…”

Haworthia: “But… There is just one thing. I learned to sing a song, and I didn’t forget. That planet we once loved, which turned into Hell for us, is paradise for them. I wish most fervently that they will be loved by that planet from now on, too.”

Shipboard Loudspeaker: “Three, two, one…”

[ships warp into space]

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