Haworthia Booklet

The following is a translation of the scenario written in the booklet of Haworthia. If you want to have any hope of understanding the dramas, we highly recommend reading this.


“This planet has died.”
“No, it’s probably been dead for a long time now.”

The United Nations WRS Environment Management Organization Chief Press Secretary has for the first time publicly acknowledged that the Reconcilsphere Management by the Organics Automata has become impossible to control. This confirms that the environmental control by Organics Automata has suffered complete failure.

“We love this planet. We pray this planet may love us.”

Organics Automata will function as a superior medicine to heal this planet. We humans, in our hastiness till now, haughtily disagreed with various methods of environmental improvement. Organics Automata will raise the self-cleansing power of this planet; we can thus expect nature to naturally improve to a natural nature.

“But this planet did not love us.”
“In the first place, a planet does not have emotions. We mistook something so obvious.”

If I think about it, all these miscalculations were our arrogance. Long ago we forgot respect toward the ones who bore us, and did not hear what they taught us. They too have now forgotten their respect for us, and have become deaf to our directions.

“Press Secretary. Does that mean this is a rampage by the Organics Automata?”
“If your definition of a rampage is that the handlers’ hands are off, then the answer is ‘yes.’ But they’re continuing to operate according to our plans. Therefore, if your definition of rampage is ‘action beyond expectations,’ then the answer is ‘no’.”

Through repeated self-replication, Organics Automata can compensate for any shortage of individuals. Over the course of this process, it can also efficiently weed out any degraded individual forms and in this continually changing Reconcilsphere, continually change to the most appropriate form. The sky, the sea, the land, the air, everything of this planet. Organics Automata can restore the brilliance of this ideal. We can be freed of this toxic environment and acquire a true Reconcilsphere.

They continually changed through self-replication. For a time, certainly, they gave us the results we sought. But then they gave us further results beyond what we could imagine. In the end, those results exceeded expectations, exceeded imagination, and even exceeded their sought-after role.

“All for the sake of this planet, Organics Automata will restore its beauty.”
“Will it become beautiful?”
“Maybe. But not for us, after all.”

There’s been shocking news. The UN Chief Press Secretary has announced confirmation that the Organics Automata Reconcilsphere’s manmade Hartley Layer,  essential for composition and protection, has been destroyed.

“What weak creatures we are. If the sun sees an opening, it wants to burn, tire, age, and injure us.”

Toxic electromagnetic waves don’t just harm skin. Furthermore, they are a dangerous substance to DNA by generating a high quantity of Thymine. This is one of the most significant causes of aging, and protecting against this was one of the duties of the Reconcilsphere in which we had the greatest hopes.

“In the first place, this planet doesn’t love us.”
“This planet, the sky, the sea, the sun. And the rain, the wind, everything. They torment us, and they are full of evil that makes them plan to destroy us if given an opening.”

Unbelievable as it is, the Organics Automata have used the toxic UV radiation to intentionally destroy their reproduction plans. Alternatively, they faked it; it’s been confirmed that their environmental adaptation power, sifting power, and power of self-change has risen anywhere from 1280 to 12800 percent.

“Yet we called this planet Mother and loved it.”
“But we’re not children anymore. Even as we love our mother, we’ve remembered our mother’s unreasonable resistance.”

We were designed to generate Vitamin D by bathing the skin in toxic UV rays. Of course this can be called a design error that ought to be confirmed by the engineers. The health damage to skin and DNA caused by the toxic UV rays is because it exceeds the levels necessary for the desired healthy effect of Vitamin D.

“That’s why in order for our planet to take the form that we seek, we have brought forth Organics Automata.”

It’s been continuously reported worldwide that sudden variations could be called Organics Automata’s transformation into alternate forms. They are certainly accelerating the construction of the Reconcilsphere. But that is not something that we seek. It is their ideal, their Reconcilsphere, one that is incompatible with us.

“Organics Automata is the key that will guide us to paradise. It will smile just for us and no other, shining more beautifully than before.”
“We will rebuild this planet we love so that it will love only us.”

Our ideal Reconcilsphere. A gentle climate. A gentle weather. A gentle temperature. A gentle humidity. We are weak creatures who cannot permit the discomfort of even a change of a single degree or a single percent. The Reconcilsphere has promised us a climate without discomfort, without wavering, without season, without change and under perfect harmonious control.

“Are we not going to be able to live on this planet anymore?”

The UN Environmental Hygiene Press Officer has officially confirmed the complete withdrawal of troops from Gondwanaland Continent. This represents our defeat across all of Gondwanaland Continent to the enemy Organics Automata. 98 percent of the continent’s population are considered dead already, the remaining 320,000,000 are viewed as hopeless.

“Why can’t we realize our ideals?”

Organics Automata are absolutely not causing a revolt like those in classic science fiction. This is because they were not given a program beyond working for the maximum good in pursuing the single mission of forming the Reconcilsphere.

“This is just a supposition, but how would they respond if something got in the way of their mission?”
“We will seek the fastest means to evade, exclude, remove, and choose and implement the means to bring about an ideal Reconcilsphere as quickly as possible.”

The President of the United States of Laurentia has just declared a fourth State of Emergency decree. This is a first in the 2000 years since the country’s foundation. The Pangea Continental Federation has simultaneously issued a final declaration. This has confirmed that we’ve lost to them everywhere.

“We just wanted to always live on this planet we so loved.”
“It’s because of them. They, who were supposed to make our ideal planet, have acted recklessly.”

“Unfortunately all our military efforts have failed. Any new weapon or new strategy has all been unable to resist their power of proliferation and adaptation. Our only victory was in buying time to escape this planet.”
“From a few years to a few decades from now, this planet’s environment will change to become even more severe.”
“Ten years from now the projected average temperature will drop from 35C to minus 2C. There will be terrible differences between day and nighttime temperature, and it’s been expected that below the equator and around the poles, the average temperature will be close to 80C.”
“In just a few short hours the weather has severely changed. It’s brought forth phenomena like rain and snowfall, and now because of the strengthened toxic UV rays, there will certainly be various effects harmful to the health like skin irritation and aging.”
“This planet will be lost as something so lived-in.”
“Even though we loved this planet this much.”
“This planet won’t love us anymore.”

“We are confident that our corporation’s Organics Automata, per its acknowledged design parameters and duty, even now works for the best course of action. Even if we perceive them as having become our enemies, it must be because we opposed them.”

“Their duty was to to work to make this planet beautiful. Perhaps… Their ideal beautiful planet and our ideal beautiful planet, wound up being different.”

We left this planet. We had the interstellar colony ships cold-sleep us, and by program seek a planet and automatically pilot there. We did not have high hopes for the planet to which we fled. Just beautiful, with gentle climate and sunlight, pleasant and with beautiful fresh air, not too hot, not too cold, not too bright, nor too dark. Just a planet where we could always live quietly. It shouldn’t be  too hard to quickly find one like that.

Before we entered cold sleep, we had our computers simulate how our former planet’s future would be. What we saw was something only seen in religious images, a scene like the world’s end. Rough waves. Wild, crazed clouds. Lightning split the heavens, and the sun burned and consumed the land. It was a world from an image of hell. With the Reconcilsphere completely destroyed, the sun’s rays directly shone on the land. It had become a world where with the naked eye you could observe a sun that would burn the retinas to look right at it. On the surface, it’d gotten to where after just a few hours, the sun’s direct radiation would cause unforgettable pain to the skin.

The unmovable form Organics Automata who’d changed so repeatedly and suddenly had even begun to generate oxygen. The nitrogen in the atmosphere had fallen to 78 percent. The oxygen concentration now exceeded 20 percent. The predator Organics Automata now run rampant and eat each other. The winged ones in the sky, the aquatic ones in the sea. They sprout legs, sprout tails, eat each other, and lay eggs. Their numbers are in the countless tens of thousands. Frightening even in computer simulation, this hell we didn’t even want to imagine was our beloved planet’s day-to-day.

But the sun’s rays, now unimpeded after the Reconcilsphere’s destruction, brought out a powerful color when they shone on the ocean. 0000FF. This color commonly called “blue”…..for some reason, it left a strong impression on our hearts. Even our vast computer we boasted could not tell us what to call that feeling.

“That is why they were ruined. Them, and us.”

Bathing in the sun, exposed to the wind and rain, enjoying the cold and warmth, a life that accepts old age is not beautiful.

Aboard Interstellar Refugee Ship “Haworthia 0001.” First Front Refugee Ship Flotilla. Supreme Commander, A.H. Haworthia.

“That planet we once loved, which turned into hell for us, is paradise for them. I wish most fervently that they will be loved by that planet from now on, too…”