We are the team behind the fan translation of “Next ‘When They Cry’ Image Sound Tracks & Dramas ‘Haworthia'”, presented by M. Graveyard and Pomexgranate, written by Ryukishi07 with support of 07th Expansion. It was released on October 29th, 2017, and has been teased by Ryukishi to possibly tie into the upcoming Ciconia no Naku Koro ni in some way. Please enjoy our translation, but don’t forget to support the official release! You can purchase the album from Toranoana

With support from the 07th Expansion fan community, the direction and video creation skills of Aspirety, Sparrowdreams, who is a Japanese translator with the necessary skills, and Celeskastel’s editing, we are able to share with you in English the full vivid story painted by the album!

Our translation team consists of:

Project Lead, Editing, Timing, Encoding, Typesetting : Aspirety

Editing & Translation Check: Celeskastel

Translation: Dr. Nyri Bakkalian(Riversidewings )