Haworthia Translation Links

Here you can find links to our translations of all 9 voiced tracks from Haworthia, as well as a full translation of the booklet scenario. We highly recommend reading the booklet story, as it may be very difficult to follow the dramas without it. (Though it’s pretty difficult even with the booklet!)

Haworthia Booklet

Track 1: Organics Automata [オルガニクスオートマタ]

Track 2: Rainbow of Nostalgia [望郷の虹]

Track 3: Come! To Punica-chan’s Study! [おいでませ! ピューニカちゃんの書斎へ!]

Track 4: Pink Justice [ピンクジャスティス」]

Track 5: Name of the twin sisters. The value of the song [対を成す姉妹の名。その対価としての歌]

Track 6: Utopia[ユートピア]

Track 7: The Planet We Loved [私たちが愛した星]

Track 8: Śünya Sky [シューニャの空]

Track 9: Thus Spake Haworthia [ハオルシア、かく語りき]

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